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Second chess tournament

I’m about to leave for the Waldorf Chess Club’s Quads #45 Classical tournament.

If you’re wondering what some of those words mean…me too. But it sounds quite impressive.

In December, I played in my first competition and did well. This one will be much more challenging.

You’ll notice I’m in the lower tier of players. That’s just my provisional rating, but it’s still hard not to let it affect emotions and expectations.

Today we play three games (rounds). They will be the longest games I’ve ever played—70 minutes for each player, 10-second delay. That means each game could take two to three hours.

The first round starts at 10am, the second at 1:30pm, and the last at 4:30pm. Long day.

I feel I got spoiled in December by not losing a game, which means I’m undefeated in my chess career. I’m not planning to lose today, but I’m emotionally prepared for it.

Playing better players is the only way to improve. So I’m excited to make some blunders and analyze my games with my coach.

Wish me luck.

On Monday, I’ll tell you how I did.


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