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Sloppy Sleep Schedules

Last night, I invited several friends to a morning video chat. Half of them said that they would not even be awake until 1 or 2 pm.

I am not one to judge how someone lives their life, but this is clearly not optimal.

If your sleep schedule is fucked up due to this quarantine (or just in general), there are two options to get it back on track:

1) Quick and uncomfortable: Start waking up an hour or two hours earlier each day. You will be exhausted during the day—which will not be fun—but you will look forward to going to bed earlier as well. It will take a few days, and severe discipline; but this is the quickest way to get a stronger sleep schedule.

2) Slow and painless: Each day, wake up 15 to 30 minutes earlier than you did the previous day. This is self-explanatory; it’s the same process as option 1 but at a more gradual rate.

It is difficult to talk about people’s sleep schedules without sounding condescending, but there is a ton of science (science.real) which states that waking up earlier (and not in the middle of the fucking day) leads to increased productivity and happiness overall. Wake up! (Grab a brush and put a little makeup).


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