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So just start

Last night was my friend’s first day of jiujitsu.

She learned a submission and we rolled for a few minutes. For someone who had never done it before, she did fantastic.

When we slapped hands and began, she said the exact same thing I said when I rolled with my coach for the first time: “I don’t even know how to start.”

To which he said to me: “So just start.”

It didn’t matter that she didn’t know. She came. She completed day 1. Next up: day 2, then day 3, and so on.

On my first day, I flopped around like a flounder. Now, I can hold my own against other beginners. The same will be true of her if she continues to show up and practice.

Progression only serves those who continue to show up.

When we don’t know how to start, the only option is…to start.


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