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Social Media Pro

This morning, in a “Practices/Advice” chapter of Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism, I read a tip which I absolutely loved:

Use social media as if you were the social media director for a company.

In other words, only log on if you have a clear, specific intention or goal.

Using FaceBook, Instagram, or Tik Tok for aimless entertainment is what these apps are designed for. It’s how they get you to spend more time on screen and how they make the most money possible.

How many of your friends or “followers” are your actual friends or people in your circle?

If you use social media to stay in touch with relatives of acquaintances, how much time per week would that actually take? Probably less than 30 minutes. The average FaceBook user spends 16 hours on site each week.

The next time you use social media or open your phone, ask yourself:

What is my specific intention for using this right now?


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