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Start a damn blog

Yesterday, an old friend told me he was considering starting a blog.

I gave him the same advice I give everyone when they tell me this:

Fucking do it.

Writing this blog every day has been one of the best decisions of my life. It’s given me an avenue to share my thoughts with others. But more than that, it’s given me the accountability to basically journal every day.

I don’t write this because I want to be some big time blogger. I do it because it helps me get clarity on what I actually think. It’s improved my ability to articulate myself. It’s allowed me to share what I’m doing with people I don’t otherwise keep in contact with.

Every so often, someone will reach out (usually someone outside my circle) and tell me they’ve been enjoying the blog. I certainly don’t write in the hopes I’ll get compliments, but God damn it feels validating. It warms my heart to hear that people who could be staring at anything else on the internet have chosen to spend two minutes and read my mediocre writing.

Like any other pursuit, thoughts and stories creep in and make arguments for why we should quit. But like any other pursuit, we’ll be so much happier a year from now saying “I’m glad I started a year ago,” as opposed to “I’ve been thinking about starting this for a year…”


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