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Strengthen Your Muscles

We often see our abilities as stagnant. “I’m not musically gifted.” “I could never stick to an exercise routine.” “That’s just not me…” This is (as I seem to begin many of my posts) bullshit.

We are all vastly different with various knacks and talents and brain chemistries. But nothing is set in stone. The only reason people don’t change is because they believe they can’t.

Discipline, trying new and scary things, building habits, being patient, being grateful for the beautiful things you have in your life…these are all skills which can be practiced and improved. Think of them like muscles. One bicep curl doesn’t give you a well-defined arm. However, many biceps curls done consistently and with great form, combined with a number of other arm/back/shoulder workouts, and you’ll start seeing your arms get bigger and more toned.

Don’t get discouraged when you see people pick something up quicker than you are able to. All skills are learnable and all skills are trainable. I literally had to purposely teach myself how to be disciplined. I sucked at it at first. And now, I’m one of the more disciplined people I know. You can do the same.


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