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Stupid questions

“Was 1917 in World War I time?”

My friend asked me last night as we sat down to watch 1917.

I chuckled. “Yes.”

The subtext under my voice was, “Of course it was, you moron.”

We do this a lot. Someone asks a question we are shocked they don’t know the answer to. Then we give them the same condescending tone we use when we learn someone hasn’t seen Good Will Hunting.

This quick and subtle jab at someone’s intelligence or experience may seem playful, but it can really do some damage.

Someone trusts you enough to ask you for an answer they don’t have. Then with your response, you shame them for not knowing while trying to show off how smart you are.

It’s likely that the person just accepts the jab and moves on. It’s also likely that they feel dumb and avoid going to you for answers in the future.

Is there such thing as stupid question?

Yes. Because we’re all pretty stupid in our own right.

Do you know the answer to everything?

If you don’t ask questions which make you feel stupid, is that because you’re smart as fuck, or because you’re not putting yourself out there?

Have you seen Good Will Hunting, you idiot?


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