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Sweating and Stretching

Last night, I was doing some evening yoga. Typically, this means following along with a 45-minute YouTube video.

Towards the end of the practice, I had to sit in a wide-legged stance; leaning forward and then to either side to reach for a foot. It was misery. I began sweating, shaking, and found that I became genuinely offended that this flexible bitch would ask me to do such a thing. I just wanted to go back to the poses I was good at.

I immediately caught myself.

Just because someone is asking something of you that you can’t do (or at least can’t do well), doesn’t mean you can’t work to get there. Hell, she can do it.

It also reminded me how easily our egos get fired up. I felt like a boss doing stretches and poses well and moving with the breath; but the second I had to do something I was not adept at, my confidence dropped off and I began to feel angry with the practice.

Stretching is uncomfortable, but it’s the only path to flexibility.


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