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The 10 million dollar question

A briefcase with ten million dollars in it

I doubt that’s actually $10m.

I got to ask one of my favorite questions yesterday.

In a session, a client told me he wanted to take more action toward his career. When I asked him what his next steps were, he said he needed to learn more and be better prepared.

I thought, prepared for what? The apocalypse?

“So you’re telling me that you want to get into action, but before you can do that, you need to learn more?” I thought, How much more have you decided you have to learn? On what date will you know enough to start taking action?

But instead, I asked a more direct question:

“If I told you I’d give you and your father each $10,000,000 if you got one customer to pay you for a service in the next week…how would you spend this week?”

His eyes got big and he smiled. “I’d reach out to as many people as I could and offer my services to them. Every day. I wouldn’t care about how many rejections I got because I’d only need one person to work with me.”

“Fuck yeah,” I replied. “So what’s stopping you from doing that now?”

His mouth opened and closed. “You know what, I don’t have a good answer for that.” We laughed.

The power of this question is that it removes the barrier of “I don’t know how.” When so much is on the table, our brains go right toward a version of: I’d do whatever it took.

The action is there. The creativity is there. It’s often just the drive that’s lacking.

When I asked another client that same question last week, she said, “Jesus. Hypothetical money is a powerful motivator.”

So let me ask you:

What’s something you really want in your life right now?

If I told you I’d give you $10 million if you created it this week, how would you spend your time?


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