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The Best Day

Yesterday was one of the best days of my life.

I began my new job, my first full-time, “big boy” vocation. It was lovely. Time flew by. The atmosphere was that of fun-loving, hard-working individuals and I’m so excited to meet new people and learn new skills. When we went over compensation I literally got teary-eyed. Avoiding breaking down into a solid cry, I wiped my eyes.

Everything just sort of hit me at once. I looked down. I was wearing a suit which I loved. It made me feel powerful (probably the white in me). As Bill Burr said, “I just wanted to take over some shit.” I drove my new car to work, which I bought with my money. I realized that I was in a completely different world. A world I had created for myself. In September, getting out of the restaurant and owning my own car were merely fantasies. This stuff may seem simple to most but this is a big deal for someone who has spent most of his days letting life happen to him as opposed to being in the driver seat.

Here’s what I’m getting at: It won’t happen tomorrow. It will take time and doubt and rejection and judgment and failure and everything else you’re afraid of…but if you begin taking steps toward the life you want to live, you will get there eventually. Others will get to theirs quicker than you, and in a smoother and more graceful fashion. But fuck them. They’re them and you’re you. Deep, I know.

Take a step each day, and after a year you’re 365 steps closer to where you want to go.

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