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The Importance of Phone Calls

When you’re doubting yourself, questioning things, failing, need advice, or simply have to bounce ideas off someone…who do you call?

Venting is a waste of time. Truly. Venting is just bitching to make yourself feel better or to blame others, certainly about things you can’t control. I’m not saying you need someone to call so you can vent. But you should have a council of people at your disposal to help you through certain situations.

I personally have a select few people I call regularly. They give me energy; reminding me of how simple the task at hand probably is; reminding me that I’m overthinking it in this or that way. Most importantly though, they call me on my shit if they feel I’m just looking for sympathy.

These are good people to have. Assemble your team. It’s up to you.

”There’s a difference between having resources and being resourceful.”


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