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The secret to getting noticed online

Lol I have no idea.

Or rather, I have no idea how to guarantee success in your creative or business endeavors.

On top of this blog, I’ve launched a weekly newsletter, a podcast, a YouTube channel, and a life coaching business. And while I don’t have thousands of fans tuning in…I can speak as someone who has gone from 0 people interested to hundreds who consistently return to hear what I have to say.

I’m eternally grateful for even one subscriber.

Any success I’ve had has been the result of a single two-step process:

1) Create high quality work that brings people value (i.e. makes them ponder, laugh, or otherwise captivates their attention).

2) Don’t stop.

That’s it.

There’s no secret marketing strategy or underground series of tricks.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful the packaging is on the bag of dog food. If it doesn’t taste good, your dog won’t eat it.

People don’t read my shit to make me feel good. Maybe they’ll do that once or twice and throw a Facebook like or comment my way.

But over time, the herd thins out and what’s left are the people who simply enjoy what you’re putting out there.

The goal is to thank them by continuing to give them value. And hopefully, they’ll enjoy it for long enough that they’ll tell other people. And so on.


If you want to build something and get people interested, you must first be aware of these truths:

• Only .01% of creators ‘make it big’ quickly. It takes a long fucking time to build your skills, find your voice, and gain a trusting audience.

• If your goal is financial, you will certainly quit. Again, even by following the two-step formula mentioned above, there’s no guarantee that you’ll pop off any time soon. You have to love the process. Ask yourself, “Would I still be making this if I only had 10 fans two years from now?” If the answer is no, then readjust.

• When starting out, you must focus on quantity; not quality. The quality will naturally come after you create a TON of shit. I never planned on becoming a writer. I accidentally got good at it by writing this blog every day for two years.

Haters gonna hate. Creators gonna create. Casey Neistat


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