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The Sexiest Thing in the World

I used to think love was being with someone you needed to be with.

It took me a while to realize that you should instead just be with someone you want to be with.

If you’re with someone you feel like you can’t live without, what will you do if they:

• leave for a few weeks? • break up with you? • get sick?

These are not fun to ponder, and they will be incredibly painful no matter what…but they all happen.

I firmly believe that you need to be 100% good to go all on your own first. Then, and only then, should you find a partner who loves and supports you.

Not a crutch. Not a rock. A partner.

Someone who takes you from 100 to 120, not 50 to 80.

Last week, a friend asked me, “What’s the sexiest thing in the world to you?”

My answer: “A woman who doesn’t need me.”

Take care of yourself. Live an incredible life.

Then, find someone who makes it even better.

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