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Things I’m Grateful For

What I’m grateful for today:

• I woke up. • I have a comfortable bed with warm sheets, a space heater, and a number of clothes which keep me toasty as the weather gets colder…for winter is coming. • I have countless close friends which I consider my brothers and sisters. • My mother, father, sister, and grandparents are alive and I am able to have conversation with them. • I’m not blind. I can watch movies, plays, shows, snowfall, sunsets. I can see my friends smile when they’re excited. • I’m not deaf. I can hear the laughter of the people I love. I can listen to amazing podcasts (Fancy w/ Dillan Taylor?). • I can read. • I live in the United States. As strange as things get here, I don’t have to worry about fleeing the country for a better life, or being shot for voicing my opinion. • All of my limbs are still attached to my body. • I don’t have cancer. • Everyday, I get to write, have lovely conversation with interesting people, learn about myself and the world, and work my ass off in pursuit of the life I want to live.

What are you grateful for today? Let me know.

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