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This simple habit makes me super happy

Aside from keystone habits (habits that make other habits easier) like good sleep and exercise, there’s no one habit to rule them all.

A fulfilling life typically consists of a number of healthy routines and practices. I do enjoy giving out tips and tricks on my favorites, but here’s one I often forget about:

Start your mornings without looking at your phone.

The mornings should be about control. They’re your time to take charge and set the stage for the day.

If I have a sluggish and lazy morning, the rest of my day is sure to follow suit.

And nothing pulls me out of the driver seat like looking at my phone right when I wake up.

You never know what you’ll see in your messages or on social media that will pull you away from the present moment. You could get stressed. You could get pissed off. Hell, maybe nothing will happen.

But that’s the point. Checking your phone is like pulling on a slot machine; it comes with infinite uncertainty. And uncertainty is not the best way to start the day.

I’m not saying you should neglect your obligations. But consider taking an intentional pause before you dive right into them.

Taking just 10 or 20 minutes to drink water, make some coffee, or do some stretches will do wonders for your mindset and your ability to have a productive day.

Your emails and notifications aren’t going anywhere.

I go the first hour or two with my phone on airplane mode each morning. I work for myself, so I know that’s unreasonable to ask of most people.

I’m also aware that some folks have wild schedules, families, and jobs where they are basically on-call.

But if you can’t take 10 mindful minutes out of your morning to pause before you start your day, then you are the person who most needs this in their life.


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