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Treat Yo’ Self

This year, I’ve been incredibly good at sticking to my routine, not breaking keto diet, getting great sleep, and not spending money.

Last night, it was my final evening working in a restaurant. After the shift, I got beers and ate triple chocolate cake with two good friends. We laughed our asses off. We gorged ourselves. We stayed up late. It was so much fun.

I woke up this morning exhausted from the lack of healthy sleep and I can feel my body trying its best to process the garbage I consumed last night. Normally this would put me in a slightly depressed and shameful mood, but I do this so irregularly that I woke up embracing the sluggishness with a smile.

There’s a difference between treating yourself and living life to treat yourself. I truly believe most of our lives should be spent not pursuing our “mouth pleasure” or “surface level” desires and cravings. That way, when you do pursue them, you enjoy them more because they’re a special gift you give to yourself.

A large portion of our dissatisfaction comes from the constant treats we give ourselves. Watching Netflix is sweeter if it’s the treat we allow ourselves after a week of working on our passions. Vacations are sweeter when we’ve worked our asses off for a while. Days off are sweeter when we’ve worked 7 days in a row.

Treat yourself. Give yourself some mouth pleasure. But don’t live your life like that.


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