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Tribal Council

As our lives slowly unfold, the relationships we have evolve as well as everything else. This makes sense because we are constantly changing: our bodies, our minds, our values, our actions…

One of the most vital choices you make for yourself and the wellbeing of your present and future self…is the people who surround you. You may eventually discover that your best friend is actually dragging you down, or someone close to you isn’t doing anything to support you.

Avoid people whom: • are constantly complaining about the things they can’t control. • show no interest in learning about the world, improving themselves, or having deep conversation. • are mean (i.e. shit on people for the sole purpose of hurting them, or even worse, hate something about themselves and attack others in order to feel better). • glorify laziness (e.g. “I woke up at 2pm, ate a bunch of garbage, played a shit ton of video games…it was lovely!” Everyone needs a cheat day, but living your life like this isn’t cool or laid back, it’s lazy and foolish). • come up with excuses as to why they aren’t as successful as they could be. • don’t challenge you in some way to be better.

Do your friends have any of the qualities? Let me know.

PS. There’s a new podcast today (#16 – How Being a Teen Mom Makes You Bulletproof), and I’m fucking thrilled about it! Check it out!


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