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To live a healthy, creative, and productive life, you don’t need talent or skill. Those may be helpful, but all you really need is the ability to play tricks on yourself.

A habit is just a trick you play on your mind–usually taking around 66 days–to get it to believe doing a thing is easier and quicker than thinking about doing it. I spent zero seconds contemplating whether or not I should write this blog; because each and every morning (except Sundays), I’ve been tricking myself into sitting down, and typing simple and short posts.

Disgustingly productive people who seem to accomplish more than the next three people you know…It isn’t because they are secretly Gods or savants. They have merely implemented productivity tricks which allow them to efficiently utilize their 24 hours–the same amount of time you have in a day.

You don’t need discipline to live a great life. You just need enough discipline to create evergreen tricks on which you can surf to live a great life.

The smart part of us sets up things for us to do that the not-so-smart part responds to almost automatically, creating behavior that produces high-performance results. We trick ourselves into doing what we ought to be doing. David Allen


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