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Up since 5am

I woke up this morning to someone banging on my door. It was my downstairs neighbor.

He said there was a ton of water coming into his apartment from the ceiling. We inspected my water heater and the entire thing was flooding.

We unscrewed the wall unit and saw it was in fact coming from above. So I walked upstairs and did exactly what he did to me. I knocked on their door about ten times until an exhausted mother asked what I wanted. Rinse and repeat.

Her pipe had burst. We called the emergency number, she took down my phone number, and we laughed about our unique way to begin the Saturday.

In the past, this might’ve set me up for a shitty day. But right now, I’m just stoked I know two more of my neighbors. Plus Hank got an earlier and longer walk this morning.

And seeing the sunrise in its entirety wasn’t bad either…Today is a good day.


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