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  • Writer's pictureDillan Taylor

What Can You Do?

People really don’t care about what you can’t do. They only care about what you can do.

How often do you spend time thinking about the value people don’t bring you? You probably never think about those people at all. Why would you?

If I said your best friend’s name, I doubt your first few thoughts would be, “They’re my best friend, but they don’t make me laugh as much as I would like, and they could be more organized in their professional life, oh and also their sense of style isn’t that great…”

That’s psychotic. Instead, you’d probably flash to a memory or think about how they make you feel when you’re in a room with them.

The same is true with your goals or pursuits. People don’t give a shit about your obstacles or failures. They really only care about what you produce and the value you provide.


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