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What Don’t You Want?

I’ll preach until I’m blue in the face that you should write down the things you want in life. I actually made a video last year on an easy way to set goals for yourself.

But I think it’s equally important to write down the things you don’t want. Defining these things will help you avoid certain habits or begin to steer you in the right direction.

For example, here’s my list…

I don’t want:

• to live for the weekend • to live without a Why • to be complacent (to not have a current challenge) • to put off things I know are important to my well-being • to have money make me depressed or anxious • to compare myself to others • my friends to not get the most out of themselves • my mom to be stressed all the time • to wake up at age 60 and regret not doing all the things I wanted to do (pursue my goals, create, love those around me, laugh constantly)…

What don’t you want?


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