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Where Do Your Habits Live?

A week ago, I wrote about my new lair.

Having specific jobs for specific spaces is life-changing.

Working at your dining table can feel cool and freeing, but it can also make things foggy.

Is this where I work…or where I eat? When do I stop one thing and start the other?

Once I moved into this new apartment and began working in a separate studio, two things became wildly easier: work and sleep.

I have zero distractions while I’m working because I’m in a space where productivity is all that exists.

I fall asleep almost immediately in my room because my bed is all that exists.

Every habit should have a home.

Studio = Productivity Room = Sleep

This is where I cook. This is where I read. This is where I exercise. Combining spaces can do damage to one or all of the habits you’re trying to entertain there.

I read about this crazy study from James Clear’s Atomic Habits:

“In one study, scientists instructed insomniacs to get into bed only when they were tired. If they couldn’t fall asleep, they were told to sit in a different room until they became sleepy. Over time, subjects began to associate the context of their bed with the action of sleeping, and it became easier to quickly fall asleep when they climbed in bed. Their brains learned that sleeping—not browsing on their phones, not watching television, not staring at the clock—was the only action that happened in that room.”

Where do your habits live?


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