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Where’s Your Solitude?

This past weekend, I moved into my new fancy-shmancy apartment.

Aside from finally moving out of my mom’s house, the biggest perk has been my new studio. I used to work, read, sleep, chill, meditate, masterbate, cry…all in one room (in that order?).

After mixing work and play for almost a year, my perceptions of my room became progressively warped. When I would work, I would look over and see my warm and inviting bed, tempting me to come hang out. When I would take time to relax, I would see my desk and feel guilty because I felt I should be getting things done.

Now, I pay an extra $140 in rent to have a completely separate space for all work and productivity-related practices. Two days in, and I see that this is a priceless investment.

The cognitive dissonance I felt in the past has entirely vanished. When I’m in my studio, all I want to do is work. That’s all I can do. When I’m in my room, all I want to do is read (for pleasure) and sleep.

There’s utility in setting up intentional spaces for yourself. This is why I prefer going to the gym over working out at home. I have plenty of equipment and resources to get a great workout in in my living room; but the gym gives me accountability. If I fuck around and half-ass my workout at home, there are no repercussions; if I do so at the gym, I rightfully feel like I’m insulting a sacred place.

Intentional spaces for solitude are vital for productivity and fulfillment. Where are your spaces? Reach out any time and let me know.


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