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Why I Tell My Friends I Love Them

Because, well, I do.

It catches even my closest friends off-guard sometimes.

I’ll say things like:

“Much love to you, man,” or

“Love you man. Talk to you later.”

In short: All of my friends–the people I love most–will die some day. When that happens, I’m not going to look back and wish I said it more.

Now, I’m not saying that every conversation with a friend has to be about how much you love and appreciate them. But even though it can feel cheesy in the short term, telling your friends (especially guy-to-guy friends) how you feel about them is an incredibly healthy thing to do.

For me, it makes it easier to maintain my most important relationships. When we speak it into existence, our actions follow suit.

It wouldn’t feel right if I told my best friend I loved him, but then never called him or went out of my way to see him.


If you were in a terrible car accident and were laying in a hospital bed, who would be at your bedside?

You won’t have your success. You won’t have your accomplishments. You won’t have your possessions.

The only thing you’ll have will be the relationships and connections you’ve cultivated over the years.

So tell those people that you love them, dammit.


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