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You disagree with me??

This weekend, a friend texted me and said he disagreed with an idea I wrote about.

In the past, whenever something I wrote didn’t resonate with someone, I would go into a mild panic. Insecurities would bubble to the surface and I would assume I was wrong about everything.

Luckily, by exposing myself to respectful arguments and by putting my work out on a daily basis…I’ve been able to completely shift my mindset.

When I read that he wanted to push back on one of my philosophies, I didn’t shrivel; I got excited.

Having debates can be uncomfortable, but only if you feel married to your ideas and that what you believe is tied to your identity. This can feel like passion, but it often leads to unnecessary suffering. When someone disagrees with a deeply-held belief of ours, it feels like they’re disagreeing with who we are.

If instead we recognize they are simply disagreeing with an idea or concept, it makes it much easier to verbally spar.

It’s possible to become excited for a fruitful exchange. The worst case scenario? You have your mind changed—which isn’t a defeat, but instead a great victory on your journey of growth.


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