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You Don’t Need Discipline

A person works out 5 times a week, eats super clean, has a solid daily and weekly schedule, runs their own business, and reads 20 pages every day.

You could look at this person and think, “Wow, they’re incredibly disciplined.”

But in my quest for a more structured life over the years, I’ve realized the inaccuracy of that statement.

You don’t need to be disciplined to do great things every day, you just need enough discipline to build great habits so the work takes care of itself.

When was the last time you mustered up the motivation to brush your teeth? You just did it without thinking about it, right? We can automate anything to this degree.

When I wake up at 6am, do my morning routine, and go to the gym for two hours, it’s not because I am this disciplined God who is better than most people…It’s simply because I’ve been doing it for months and months and now it is built into my brain as a habit. It’s easier to do it than it is to think about doing it.

You could read that and go, “That’s nice Dillan. Good for you…” as if it was this effortless process.

Building strong habits is uncomfortable. We often doubt that we can really do it, especially before we see any real results.

Most people quit on developing a strong habit because the hill of discomfort makes them forget about how amazing it will feel when they get over the hill and the ball is just rolling by itself.

Get over that hill. Once you do, you won’t have to work nearly as hard.


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