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You Don’t Need Permission

For most of my life, I put off pursuing things I was interested in.

Here’s why.

Like most others, I had tons of ideas and plans of what I wanted to do, what I was going to do, what I should do…

Then months would go by and I’d be in the same exact spot.

No blog. No muscles. No business.

Just words.

It took me years to understand why.

The obvious answer? Fear. Fear of failure. Fear of getting what I wanted and then having to deliver.

But it goes a step deeper than that.

What held me back all those years was this:

I was waiting for permission to pursue the things I was interested in.

Permission from whom? I have no idea.

“I can’t start taking myself seriously as a writer/actor/entrepreneur until I build my credibility up first. Then people will allow me to do it.”

It felt as though anything I hadn’t mastered was an exclusive club. A club where I did NOT feel welcome. But then I just looked around and tried to find exactly who wasn’t letting me in. All I found were ghosts.

I’ve had family members and a few friends passively judge my life decisions. But it was all short-lived.

If you just say fuck it, keep your head down, improve your skills, and do something you find interesting and get better at it every week…a few months from now you’ll be shocked by how far you’ve come.

You don’t need permission. Just start.


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