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  • Writer's pictureDillan Taylor

Your Shit

When you make a monumental mistake, it feels like everything’s over. It feels as though all your friends and family will be judging you and label you as a failure or a loser or an idiot…but really the only person who does any of those things is you.

Everyone has their shit. No one has time to have anxiety over your shit…They have their own shit to deal with.

Everyone has money issues. Everyone has relationship issues. Everyone worries about their appearance. Everyone worries about their future. Everyone is figuring their shit out…So don’t stress about other peoples’ shit. They’ve got it covered. And on the same token, don’t think other people are obsessing over what you’re doing wrong.

When you fuck up, and walk out the door…there will never be a herd of people waiting outside to point fingers and laugh at you. Focus on yourself. Everyone else is doing the same. And if they’re not, they’re absolute morons.


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