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Your Thing

Every one should have a thing. Something that is just for them, which they do by themselves (or with a few others who share that thing) which brings them peace. Preferably something challenging and where a skill can be improved.

This can be playing the piano, swimming, juggling, doing sudoku, yoga, reading comic books, taking bad (or good) photography…

I spoke to a buddy yesterday and he said he lacked a thing. And he was certain it was creating a void in his life.

These are my things:

– Writing this daily blog (I don’t mind if no one reads it. It’s just for me to start my day with releasing a small bit of creativity and philosophy. I don’t like journaling so I have to find replacements)

– Martial arts (Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu test my body and mind and I learn newer and better ways to move, defend myself, and learn)

– Editing podcasts and YouTube videos (It is not necessarily pleasurable during these processes, but the satisfaction of having completed the editing journey is truly meaningful to me. It’s like, “Hey, look at that! I did that!)

If you don’t have a thing, find one. Experiment. It’s crucial to one’s happiness and meaning. Make sure it’s something you do alone (or worst case, with a small group of individuals). Just for you. Not because you want to brag about it or show it off to your friends…it’s just your thing.


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