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2 Doors

When we are faced with a choice—say we have two doors which we could open (typically there are more than two doors to choose from)—we are terrified of opening the wrong door. Fear, complacency, the unknown…countless factors paralyze us from choosing one door over the other. Most of us feel a level of dissatisfaction or cognitive dissonance because rather than open one door or the other, we go for the third option…nothing.

There’s a chance you regret the door you open, but you’ll learn about yourself and about the world. You’ll get moving. And you’ll find a way to carry on and open new doors. If you choose the path of inaction, you provide yourself with no more doors than was presented, and eventually, those doors will close forever.

Choose action. Open a door. You may find it to be the “wrong one” later, but you won’t be standing still. You’ll never be ready, so just start.


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