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Last night, someone had the audacity to bring home fresh, Krispy Kreme Boston cream-filled donuts…Donuts are my favorite food.

It’s incredibly damaging for me to eat a pastry (large amount of carbs) on the keto diet. I ate three.

Waking up this morning, I feel sluggish and slightly fatigued. I regret the donuts. I almost always do. However, I ate them. There’s nothing I can do about that fact. So instead of feeling like a piece of shit and continuing my garbage ways, all I can do is get back on track.

I used to have the horrible habit of breaking diet or giving into a craving (sweets, skipping the gym, sleeping in, watching hours of shows) and then continuing to do so. It would be like I’d break the seal. I think most of us do that. We eat a donut when we shouldn’t and think, “Well, I already ate donuts yesterday. Why not today as well?” And on and on we go.

But we don’t have to do this. If we simply stop and then ungracefully continue our healthier routine and habits, we impishly get things back on track.

Matt D’Avella has a great video on this subject.


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