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Build the Road

That’s the key to getting what you want.

A year from now, what do you want your life to look like?

• What is a typical work day for you? • What is a typical off day for you? • What does your bank account look like? • What skills have you developed and strengthened? • How strong are your relationships with your friends and family?

Connecting that life and the one you’re living now lies a road, waiting to be traveled.

It’s your job to build this road and mercilessly continue your journey down it. You can discover what it looks like by breaking it down:

• ”What would half a year of progress look like?” • “What would a month of progress look like?” • “What would a successful week look like?” • “What would a successful day look like?” • “What can I do right now to move forward on this road?”

Do that. Do it everyday. You’ll travel down the road. Then keep going.

I made a bad YouTube video on goal-setting. It’ll help you if you don’t know where to start.


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