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COVID goals

Since I tested positive yesterday (again), I had to cancel my fun stuffs for the week.

Several dinners. My third chess tournament. My sister’s basketball game.

I dare say I’ll survive, but it is irritating.

The good news? My schedule cleared up for me to slow down and do some reflecting and resting.

One of those items includes diving into my goals for the year.

So I wanted to provide this template for my readers to do the same for their goals. It goes as follows:

  1. What’s the goal?

  2. Why do you want to accomplish it?

  3. What are the specific, measurable, and timely criteria?

  4. What habits do you need to put in place?

  5. How surprised would you be if you didn’t accomplish it?

  6. What are the top three reasons you could not accomplish it?

  7. Who do you have to help you?

  8. How can you make things easier for you to succeed?

  9. What actions must you take next?

In the Notion template I included, I started off with my goal to publish my book this year.

Give it a try yourself!


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