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First photo shoot

I auditioned for grad school programs for acting in 2016. I sat in a Broadway hotel room and performed various monologues for scouts from colleges around the globe.

After exhausting my character resume, the head of the University of Houston asked me to sing a song.

“A…song?” I froze. No one had ever asked me to sing a song before.

“Yes,” he replied. “Any song you know the words to. I assume you’ve heard a song before?”

While I appreciated his roasting, it didn’t help with the pressure of remembering lyrics. I spent five whole minutes thinking about any song I knew the words to.

It was an embarrassing and hilarious experience. And I just felt that same feeling seven years later.

I’m building a new website in the next two months so I got some professional photos taken. She said, “Just pretend I’m not here and act casual and confident.”

I’ve never felt so uncasual and unconfident in my life.

But I thought I’d share a few here since I don’t really care for social media. Feel free to print them out, put them up on your walls, build a shrine. Whatever you want to do.


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