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Here Be Barr | The Ultimate Guide to New York City

On this week’s episode of The YouTuber’s Guide to the Galaxy, I interviewed Jon Barr.

He’s a NYC vlogger and travel creator. I discovered his channel when I was considering moving to Brooklyn. To anyone looking to learn more about the culture and variety of New York, Jon’s your guy.

His channel currently has 340k subscribers. We dove into how he went from a burnt-out sportscaster to a full-time traveling filmmaker.

We cover: what it’s like to be a full-time content creator with a newborn baby, how Jon started his channel, how Casey Neistat changed the YouTube space, Jon’s protocol for when homeless people approach him, what stereotypes of New Yorkers are untrue, how long it can take for a video to go viral, and much more.

Side note: The more I do these interviews, the more I realize how insignificant superficial metrics like subscriber count are.

What I mean is…I keep reaching out to people who have tens or hundreds of thousands of subscribers and thinking they’re higher-quality human beings than me. Then, we hop on a call and have a conversation and I realize they’re all just kind, humble, and humorous people.

When they treat me respectfully, I think, Wait, but I only have 134 subscribers. I’m scum compared to you. Why are you treating me like your equal?

Even though that’s exactly how I’ll treat newer creators when I have hundreds of thousands of subs.

More and more YouTubers are agreeing to be on the podcast, which I think will make it easier for more and more YouTubers to agree to be on the podcast. I’m having so much fun.

If you want to listen to my conversation with Jon, here’s the link.

Email me any and all feedback you have. 🫶


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