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Interviewing a “canceled” person

On the latest episode of The YouTuber’s Guide to the Galaxy, I interviewed Meghan Murphy.

Meghan is a writer, journalist, and podcaster. She’s the editor-in-chief at Feminist Current, a website and podcast dedicated to protecting female spaces. She’s also the host of The Same Drugs, where she and her guests tackle sociopolitical topics like gender identity, race, censorship, and modern feminism. She’s also been on the Joe Rogan Experience a couple times to tell her story.

This is the first time I spoke with a “canceled” person. Meghan was banned from Twitter back in 2018, starting with this tweet:

Men aren't women, tho @vijaya — Meghan Murphy (@MeghanEMurphy) November 21, 2022

She has since been let back on Twitter after Elon Musk bought the company. I should note that the Taliban has never been kicked off the platform.

Meghan was so fun to talk to. She has a bubbly sense of humor and is incredibly resilient when it comes to speaking her mind and maintaining her authenticity.

We dove into her criticisms of gender ideology, cancel culture, porn, hookup culture, and third-wave feminism. I’ve never really recorded myself talking about these things and must admit I was a little nervous. But it’s people like Meghan who inspire me to talk openly and honestly about potentially radioactive topics.

In our conversation, we discuss: the 3 tweets that got her originally banned from Twitter, what feminism really is, the overprescription of anti-depressants and ADHD medication, the pros and cons of being an independent creator, what it’s like to be “canceled” and lose friends because of that, and finally, Meghan tells me what a woman is.

Check out the episode here! It was a fun one.


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