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My 10 Commandments

I’m not the least bit religious, but I do advocate for living a principled and value-driven life.

Here are my 10 Commandments.

Thou shalt…

  1. Pursue a Growth Mindset—seeing everything as a lesson and a chance to improve.

  2. Never be uncomfortable with your shirt off—remaining fit and active.

  3. Treat every human being with the same amount of humor and respect—be they a CEO or a gardner.

  4. Pick your battles, but be confident when expressing your ideas and opinions.

  5. Cherish every minute of quality time you get with close friends and family.

  6. Never order food or watch a show unless with another person.

  7. Never take anything personally—especially rejection.

  8. Go to the gym at least three times per week.

  9. Never text while driving a car—even at a red light.

  10. Spend more time in a day reading or having a conversation than staring at a screen.

Being human, I don’t stick to these perfectly. But having these guidelines has moved me drastically closer to the person I aim to be.

What are your commandments?


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