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My 2021 goals

Well…here they are.

My aspirations for the year: Make $10K in a month, pay for chess tutoring, run a triathlon, get a stripe on my jiujitsu belt, read 70 books, do scary things, and be a powerful coach.

I managed to do them all.

Normally, I don’t set goals. But Ali Abdaal changed my mind on that.

Notice how there are gaps between my goals on the whiteboard. That’s because I erased some as the year went on.

It’s fun to set out to accomplish certain things, but we must also be able to pivot and make adjustments.

One goal was to “Get 1000 YouTube subscribers.”

Two months in, I couldn’t care less about my YouTube channel.

It was fun to reach toward tangible things like making a certain amount of money in a month. But it was even more fulfilling to strive for the more intangible goals.

Those were more about being than doing.

Being a great coach. Being courageous.

A year from today, I’ll let you know how my 2022 goals went.

Happy New Year!


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