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Off the grid

I’m a workaholic. I learned that this winter.

When I stopped doing outreach for my business in December, I got depressed for two weeks. It turned out a huge piece of my identity was wrapped up in my ability to create clients and income.

These past few months have been me learning how to slow down. Some weeks are easier than others. These are good problems to have.

But today, I’m feeling burnt out and I have no idea why.

Every now and then, I have the insatiable urge to spend three weeks in a cabin in the woods. Off the grid. No phone. No one can reach me. Just me, my notebook, my laptop (without wifi), and a few books.

I’m resenting any and all obligations. It’s kind of scary.

So what do I do when this happens? What can I do?

1) Understand that this too shall pass.

2) Check my health trifecta:

  1. Am I getting good, consistent sleep?

  2. What have I been eating?

  3. Have I been exercising regularly?

3) Declutter.

Remove things from my schedule and physical space.

Sometimes I tell people straight up, “Hey! I’m terribly sorry, I know this sounds strange. But I’m going through some burnout right now and I’m making the executive decision to clear my schedule. Would you be willing to reschedule for two weeks from now? Thank you!”

Plus, getting rid of half my stuff in any room cheers me up immediately.

4) Tell someone about it.

Powerful emotions should never be kept to one’s self. I’m lucky to have friends with whom I can share my demons. It’s a sin to not take advantage of that resource.

I plan to do all these things this week.

If the blog goes silent, I’m probably writing posts off the grid in the mountains of Montana.


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