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Simple Advice

A simple piece of advice which has improved my quality of life and the quality of what I do is this:

Lower your expectations and raise your standards.

This came from Ryan and Nick, the Minimalists. It can be applied to your work, your relationships, and your actions…

• Be kind to everyone, and know that that kindness will only be reciprocated 50% of the time (if you’re lucky). • Produce the best work you can (writing, film, teaching, sport) by learning as much as possible and improving your game constantly, while knowing that a lot of it will suck and realizing the process of improvement is slow and arduous. • Do the things you know will make your life better (meditate, exercise, eat clean, love your friends/family, read, make people laugh), but remain aware that you won’t always have the energy to do them, and occasionally you’ll try to convince yourself that you don’t need to do them at all (which you know is a lie).


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