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The best gift in 5 minutes

My girlfriend sent me something special last week. The ratio between the amount of effort it took and the impact it had was astounding.

Meaning, it took little time to put together. But it's one of my favorite gifts I've ever received. Low input; very high output.

She wrote an Apple Note titled "Since Dillan." It was a list of ways she's changed or improved since meeting me.

I couldn't read it without a smile. I felt so valued. So loved. It was a digital letter saying, "Hey, you're having a positive effect on the world."

Naturally, I made one for her.

It took three minutes for me to dump a bunch of stream-of-consciousness thoughts into a Note. I sent her a screenshot.

We wiped our digital tears and felt even closer than we already were.

Try this yourself. Make a list of improvements you've made, actions you've taken, ways you've changed...since meeting a specific person. Then take a photo of that list and send it to them.

It'll take no time at all and I guarantee it'll make both of your days.

Here's the list I made. I plan on making way more for the people in my life.

  1. Take 5 minutes and make one now for someone you love or respect.

  2. Send it to them.

  3. Cry.


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