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The last 24 days

I typically write 2 blogs a week. Those of you who are good at math may have noticed I’ve only been pumping out one per week these last few.

Here’s a timeline of my life starting from 24 days ago:

24, Took a weekend trip with a good friend to Iguazú Falls, Brazil.

21, Started working with a developer to revamp my website. (Here’s a sneak peek.)

19, Had my final Spanish lesson in Argentina. Said goodbye to my tutor and asked if we could continue working together online.

17, Took a couple’s retreat to Patagonia for the weekend with my lady, an Argentine, and a Brit.

13, Threw a going away party with all my Buenos Aires friends. Said my final goodbye to most of them.

12, Last day in Argentina. Said goodbye to the woman I was dating. Heartbreaking cab ride to the airport. Almost canceled my flight twice.

11, 16-hour return to the United States starting at 1am. Got a phone call that night telling me one of my best friends had killed himself.

8, Lunch with my mom, sister, and aunt for Mother’s Day. Tried to be present and loving while battling the emotional waves from leaving my favorite city and losing my friend.

7, Had several connect calls with friends from all over the globe who reached out in support. Refreshed and revitalized me.

5, Finished the first draft of my free YouTuber’s Guidebook.

4, Flew to Tampa, Florida for my community’s annual coaching retreat. Hung out with my mentor, met other coaches in person for the first time, and competed in various coaching challenges for four days.

2, Made $3300 in an hour and a half. Won the “Out and About” challenge.

1, Flew back to DC. Eighth airport in three weeks.

0, Sat down to type this blog.

After I email this to all of you, I will pack up my car, shower, and drive down to Virginia. There I’ll move into my aunt’s extra bedroom and live with her for the rest of the summer.

I’m doing this for three reasons:

  1. to live frugally

  2. to live close to family I don’t see as often

  3. to focus entirely on work, fitness, and family time

I’ve been bopping around without a technical home ever since I moved out of my apartment in February. It’s felt like a year’s-worth of experiences has been condensed into a single month.

I feel ambitious, sad, and sharp.

Underneath all the hardships and challenges, I can’t help but feel immense gratitude. For the people in my life, for the projects I get to work on, for the body and mind I’ve been gifted and choose to maintain.

I miss my friend. But I know he’d be proud of me.

I certainly am.


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