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What is a Habit?

Here’s my definition of a habit:

Doing something—not liking it—over and over again, until you like it.

The two biggest problems everyone faces when trying to create strong habits in their lives are:

1) The “not liking it” part. This is resistance. Your brain and your body are uncomfortable doing this thing, and try to use this discomfort to make you believe it is impossible. The cure for this is taking action. Just do the fucking thing.


2) The fact that this doesn’t happen overnight. Building powerful habits to make you successful take time. The same goes with destroying shitty habits (though you may expedite this quicker by simply changing your environment). Going to the gym doesn’t put you in shape. But it does make it easier to go the next time. It plants it in your mind that you are a person who goes to the gym. Repeat, until in shape and enjoying the gym. Again, this will take a good bit of time, but it will happen.

I’ve found that writing down the habits you want in your life is a great way to maintain your willpower to build them. I made a video on that a while back. Make sure to not overload yourself with too many desired habits, because you’ll likely overwhelm yourself and burnout, give up, and feel like a garbage person.

Start with something simple. I really enjoyed creating the habit of getting up early because it ended up being a keystone habit: a habit you build which then breathes life to other awesome habits. It allowed me to read more, have more time to exercise, focus more brainpower on my content, and be more tired in the evening so I could fall asleep at an earlier time.

There’s a lot to say about the science of habits, but being mindful of what it actually is makes it easier to develop in your life. When you start out, you may feel good with all the motivation you feel, but soon, it’ll suck, and you’ll want to give up. That’s resistance. Don’t let it win. Keep going, and it’ll go away.


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