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Whatever You Want

Casey Neistat once said:

“In life, you can get whatever you want; but you can’t want whatever you want.”

Sounds a little confusing, but I love it.

I interpret it as: If you really actually truly honestly want something, and you pour your entire being into it, you can achieve it.

You say you want something–a million dollars, maybe. But do you really want it? Like really want it?

Maybe you do. Maybe you envision a world where you can pay all your bills effortlessly, live comfortably, travel the world, eat at incredible restaurants, support your family, and be financially free…

Or maybe you just think it’d be cool to have a million dollars.

If the purpose behind our goals and aspirations are hollow, we are bound to come up short.

If the purpose behind our goals and aspirations are deep within our bones, after x amount of time and x amount of hard work, we are bound to make them a reality.

To end, some real life examples:

JK Rowling – Harry Potter series denied by first 12 publishers, while she just got divorced and was on welfare with her child.

Colonel Sanders – With only a $105 social security check in his hand, pitched his chicken recipe to restaurants. Rejected by the first 1,009.

Oprah Winfrey – Fired from one of her first jobs because the producer said she was “unfit for television.”


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