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Q4 goals: scaling, caring, & publishing a book

Here are my quarterly reviews from 2023:

Now we're in Q4. What a year.

It was an experiment to set quarterly goals this year. My aim was to spark the same level of inspiration and enthusiasm we typically feel during the New Year.

And it worked...kind of.

It's not like I was constantly checking my goals as the months ticked by. I didn't even realize Q3 had ended. Hence this blog is 16 days late.

My goals also change frequently. What I expect to be important could become irrelevant two weeks from now.

It's been less of me hitting my metrics and more of me deciding when to pivot and when to focus. The big lesson from each quarter: shoot for less.

Not worse; less. Focus on fewer things so you can 10x the quality of your attention and improvement on them.

I used to think it was glamorous to have:

  • a main business

  • a book to write

  • a group program

  • a podcast

  • a YouTube channel

  • regular blogs

  • a side project

  • another side project

  • a community to engage with

  • a personal life with thriving health and relationships

It sure sounded cool. But it just meant I was doing a bunch of cool things poorly.

Here are my focuses in Q4:

  1. coach people as though they were paying me $10k per session

  2. be a caring, helpful, and present man in my relationship

  3. solidify the onboarding, scheduling, and engagement systems for Grindstone (the company I launched in September)

  4. finish the first draft of my book—Do The Thing!

  5. look and feel like an athlete: gym 3x/week, nutrient-dense meals, 7-9 hours of sleep each night

Let's break them down into tangible goals before 2024.


  • get to 50 Google Reviews—ask each person you coach

  • enroll 15 creators into Grindstone (10 currently)

  • ask each Grindstone creator for testimonials and launch website

  • propose $20k for one year of 1-on-1 coaching


  • send first draft to editor on October 30th

  • write at least one tweet per day

  • share my articles in more spaces


  • one date night per week

  • one Couple's Review per month

  • be more caring (i.e. willing to consider her needs above mine)

  • consistently ask what I can do better


  • internet off by 8 pm

  • gym 3x per week: push, pull, legs

  • outside every day (rain or shine)


Again, what a year so far.

I moved out of my apartment, crashed at my friends' house, moved to Argentina, started learning Spanish, interviewed some of my favorite creators on the internet, fell in love, made life-long friends abroad, moved back to the States, saw my besties get married, navigated a long-distance relationship, designed a card game, got decent at rock climbing, visited London, bonded with family I don't regularly see, launched a new company, moved to Colombia, and reunited with my girlfriend.

Life is good. Let's keep the train moving.

Please send me your Q4 goals. I read every email.


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