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You don’t have to 10x

Not a coaching client.

I check in with my coaching clients regularly.

I’ll ask things like:

  1. Where do you feel like you’re at?

  2. What have you gotten out of these sessions so far?

  3. What do you think the you of three months ago would think about you now?

The most common answer I hear always makes me smile…

“I really can’t believe how much I’ve grown.”

This is not an ad for coaching. It’s a reminder of what’s possible.

By simply having conversations about what we want, what we think is in the way, and what we’re going to do about it…We have no choice but to get better.

In other words, the folks I’ve seen grow the most and the quickest are just the ones who consistently show up. They rarely do anything extravagant or nebulous.

James Clear paints this picture well. He explains the power of getting 1% better each day for a year.

From his blog post: Continuous Improvement.

At no point in this hypothetical year was there a week of 10x-ing. (Is that a verb?) It’s just small, simple improvements at a steady pace.

1% better each day for a year makes a person 38 times better than they were before.

A lot of people feel like tiny upticks aren’t impactful enough. So they get no increase at all.

As one of my clients once said:

“.1 is greater than zero.”


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